What is the full form of EIEIO?

EIEIO Full Form is Electron Impact Excitation of Ions from Organics

Full Form Category Term
Electron Impact Excitation of Ions from Organics Physics EIEIO
Enhanced Integration of Emacs Interpreted Objects Softwares EIEIO
Environmentally Integrated Effects Initiatives for Operations Military EIEIO
Extended Interface for Enquiry Input and Output Computer Software EIEIO
Electro-encephalograph In, Electronic Instrument Out modulation Hospital EIEIO
Engineering Instruction/Engineering Implementation Order Military EIEIO
Education, Investment, Examples, Inspiration, and Organization Education EIEIO
Enforce In-order Execution of Input/Output Computer Assembly EIEIO
Expand and Improve Educational and Interactive Opportunities Education EIEIO
Economic Incentives for Enterprises in Indiana and Ohio Business EIEIO

What is EIEIO?

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