What is the full form of EPD?

EPD Full Form is Early Packet Discard

Full Form Category Term
Early Packet Discard Computer Networking EPD
Expanded Provider Database Internet EPD
Environmental Protection Division Government EPD
End Point Dilution Chemistry EPD
Extra Punitive Duties Law EPD
Excessive Posting Disorder Internet Slang EPD
Elmhurst Park District Organization EPD
Expected Progeny Difference Physiology EPD
electric power distribution Government EPD
Expected Predictive Deviance Maths EPD
Educational Planning District Education EPD
Enterprise Products Partners Class L NYSE Symbol EPD
engineering project description, 4 Government EPD
Environmental Product Declaration US Government EPD
Extended Position Description Business Position EPD
Equipment Protective Device Electronics EPD
Emergency Procedures Document Space Science EPD
European programming document Government EPD
Enterprise Products Partners L.P. NASDAQ Symbol EPD
Etch Pit Density Electronics EPD
Electrical Power Distribution Space Science EPD
Eukaryotic Promoter Database Human Genome EPD
Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization Laboratory EPD
Express Publisher Publication File Extension EPD

What is EPD?

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