What is the full form of FAD?

FAD Full Form is Funding Authorization Document

Full Form Category Term
Funding Authorization Document Military FAD
Fashion Art Design Academic Degree FAD
Family Assessment Device Military and Defence FAD
force activity designation Government FAD
Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción Spanish FAD
final acceptance date Government FAD
fleet air defense Government FAD
Function Allocation Diagram Softwares FAD
Functions As Designed Military FAD
Funds Available for Distribution Messaging FAD
Fundacion Administracion para el Desarrollo Organization FAD
Financial Awareness Day Day's Abbreviation FAD
Fish Attracting Device Ocean Science FAD
Fans Against Discrimination Sports FAD
Fun At Dancing Education FAD
Fund for American Diplomacy Non-Profit Organization FAD
Funding Allowance Document Military FAD
Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide Chemistry FAD
Fish Aggregating Device Ocean Science FAD
Feelings Action Dialogue Community FAD
Force Activity Designator Military FAD
For A Day Ocean Science FAD
Find A Drug University FAD
floating add Government FAD
Feasible Arrival Date Military FAD
Fondo Africano de Desarrollo Spanish FAD
WAGI: A language of Papua New Guinea Regional 3 Letter LanguageCode FAD
Free Air Delivery Music FAD
Final Approach Display Space Science FAD

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