What is the full form of FB?

FB Full Form is fuse block

Full Form Category Term
fuse block Government FB
facebook Computer Networking FB
Fake Boyfriend Funny FB
F B R Asset Investment Corporation AMEX Symbol FB
First Book Organization FB
Funds Book Banking FB
Fine Business Business FB
functional baseline Government FB
Feedback Space Science FB
Forward Booking Banking FB
Foreign Body Physiology FB
film badge Government FB
Fly Ball Sports FB
Final Braking Space Science FB
Fark Boy Funny FB
Frame Buffer Computer Networking FB
Followed By .... Texting FB
Fixed Back Physiology FB
Fully Buffered Networking FB
freight bill Government FB
Final Bout Sports FB
Fixed Block Computing FB
Full Back Sports FB
Fixed Blocked Database Management FB
First Base Sports FB
Fish Bowl Misc FB
www.facebook.com Misc FB
Fundamed of Brazil Organization FB
Friends of the Bay Organization FB
Fly By Aircraft and Aviation FB
Fenerbahce Sports FB
Friendship Book Internet Slang FB
Foyer de Bagotville Medical FB
Flash Back Military FB
Fowler Bernard Popular FB
Field Blank Database Management FB
Foot Ball Sports FB
Foot Binarity Physiology FB
Fish Bulb Funny FB
Filter Bank Electronics FB
Fundacion Bases Organization FB
Forgotten Brothers Community FB
Fingerbreadth Physiology FB
First Blood Other FB
Frank Beamer Popular FB
Fighting Biplane Military FB
Fine Blanking Electronics FB
Far Bound Organization FB
Framing Bit Telecom FB
fire base Government FB
Friendly Borders Organization FB
Friendship Bracelet Other FB
Firing Battery Military FB
Francisco Burzi Popular FB
Facebook, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol FB
Free To Bound (process) Electronics FB
Full Breakfast Food FB
Funny Bunny Funny FB
force builder, 7 Government FB
Faculty Basic University FB
Faculty Of Business University FB
Forward Boundary Military and Defence FB
Friendship Bridge Organization FB
Friends of Bosnia Organization FB

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