What is the full form of FBI?

FBI Full Form is Fat Barbies Idolized

Full Form Category Term
Fat Barbies Idolized Funny FBI
Feeling Beer Itch Funny FBI
Find Boys Immediately Internet Slang FBI
Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity Military and Defence FBI
Full Breasted Italian Funny FBI
Friendly But Ignorant Funny FBI
Facilitators of Banner Instruction Funny FBI
File Bunglers, Inc. Funny FBI
Federal Bureau of Interconnection Funny FBI
Fruity-Bearded Indian Funny FBI
Fat Big Italian Funny FBI
Fully Blew It Internet Slang FBI
Frequent Blunders and Incompetence Funny FBI
Fat Bellied Inbred Funny FBI
Federal Bureau of Illusions Funny FBI
Foolish Banner Investigation Funny FBI
Fried Beyond Identification Funny FBI
From Big Island Community FBI
Federal Bureau Of Imagination Funny FBI
Federal Bureau of Ineptitude Funny FBI
Fumbling Bumbling Idiot Funny FBI
Federal Bureau Of Incineration Funny FBI
Forever Buggin Italians Funny FBI
Fourier-bros-iagolnitzer Transformation Maths FBI
Far Behind Intelligence Funny FBI
Fools, Buffoons, and Idiots Funny FBI
Front Board of Idiots Funny FBI
Federal Booty Investigator Funny FBI
Full Blown Insanity Funny FBI
Family Bridges Inc. Organization FBI
Federal Bureau of Intoxication Funny FBI
Friends Beyond Infinity Internet Slang FBI
Fine Babe Inspector Funny FBI
Federal Bureau Of Incompetence Funny FBI
Friendly Bus Investigator Funny FBI
Federal Bureau of Insubordination Funny FBI
Frequently Bungled Investigations Funny FBI
Federal Blonde Intelligance Funny FBI
Feeble Brained Incompetents Funny FBI
Fumbling Botched Investigations Funny FBI
Fabulous, Beautiful, and Intelligent Internet Slang FBI
Fine, Beautiful, and Intelligent Internet Slang FBI
Full Blooded Italians Academic Degree FBI
Foolish Bungling Idiot Funny FBI
Fundamentalistic Bikers, Inc. Sports FBI
Forever Bothering Italians Funny FBI
Fizz Boog, Inc. Funny FBI
Fine Boundary Interpolation Mathematics FBI
Foundation for Better Initiatives Organization FBI
Federal Bureau Of Intrusion Funny FBI
Fender Bender International Funny FBI
Federal Bobcat Investigator Funny FBI
Fish Based Interface Sports FBI
Federal Bunk Inhalers Funny FBI
Full Blooded Italian Funny FBI
Fidelity, Bravery, And Integrity Military FBI
Federal Bureau of Investigation Law FBI
Female Body Inspector Business FBI
Fools Bureau of Ineptitude Funny FBI
Friendly Bot Interaction Softwares FBI
Federal Bureau of Investigation (U.S.) Computer and Networking FBI
First Burnout Incarceration Funny FBI
Farm Bureau Insurance Business Firm FBI
Federal Bacon Investigation Funny FBI
Famous But Incompetent Funny FBI

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