What is the full form of FD?

FD Full Form is Forms Definition

Full Form Category Term
Forms Definition Database Management FD
Field Delimiter Database Management FD
Ferredoxin Botany FD
Float Double Computer Assembly FD
Friends for Development Organization FD
Field Offsets for Compiler - Dataflex File Type FD
False Dive Stock Exchange FD
Fashion Design Other FD
Franklin Delano Popular FD
Full Duplex Telecom FD
From Temporary Duty Military and Defence FD
Fair Disclosure Stock Exchange FD
First Date Internet Slang FD
Fire detector Electronics FD
Familial Dysautonomia Transportation FD
Final Document US Government FD
Flying Dutchman Transportation FD
Freeze Dried Space Science FD
Flight Deck Space Science FD
full development Government FD
Fixes Diamlers Job Title FD
Flat Display Hardware FD
Forum Discussion Internet Slang FD
Functional Description Military FD
Functional Dependency Mathematics FD
Floppy Disk Computing FD
Function Designator Space Science FD
Fixed Deposit Banking FD
Flash Disc Database Management FD
Final Destination Transportation FD
Front Door Resource File File Type FD
flange local distance Government FD
Final Draft US Government FD
Full-component Distortion Electronics FD
Full Denver Funny FD
Finite Difference Physics FD
Front Derailleur Regional Railroad FD
Flexi Deposit Banking FD
FAIZABAD JN Indian Railway Station FD
Focused Dispatch (exercise) Military and Defence FD
feild decelerating contactor or relay Government FD
Flight Day Space Science FD
Flight Director NASA FD
Floppy Drive Hardware FD
Fusion Device Physics Related FD
Flyball Dog Pertaining to Dogs FD
Failure Divergence Maths FD
Fire Direction Military FD
Forecast Dispersion Maths FD
Feed Space Science FD
fault detection Government FD
Fire Department Community FD
Fuertes Defensas (exercise) Military and Defence FD
File Description Computer Database FD
Fudged Data Funny FD
Fumbled Sports FD
File Descriptor Computing FD
field Government FD
Field Dog Pertaining to Dogs FD
Microsoft Fortran Declaration File File Type FD
Fully Developed Business FD
Finite Domain Mathematics FD
Funky Drummer Job Title FD
Federated Department Stores, Inc., of Delaware NYSE Symbol FD
Finance Director Business Position FD
Financial Derivatives Stock Exchange FD
Filter Default Softwares FD
First Draft Media FD
Full Disclosure Stock Exchange FD

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