What is the full form of FISH?

FISH Full Form is Friends In Someone's House

Full Form Category Term
Friends In Someone's House Community FISH
First I Serve Him Religious FISH
Friendly Independent Sympathetic Help Community FISH
Files Transferred Over Shell Protocol Networking FISH
Fishing Other FISH
Friends In Service To Him Religious FISH
to easily be taken advantage of or caught like a fish...."Don't be a fish," said Kristen to her brother. "Stand up for your self." Casual Expression FISH
Florida Inventory Of School Houses Education FISH
Focus Inspiration Sharing And Honoring Community FISH
Fresh Ideas Start Here US Government FISH
F*** It S*** Happens Internet Slang FISH
Fun? I Scream Hell!! Education FISH
Fluorescence In Situ Hybridiation Laboratory FISH
Flourescence In Situ Hybridization Oncology FISH
First In, Still Here Computer Database FISH
For Immediate Sympathetic Help Internet Slang FISH
Finger In Sinus Hole Funny FISH
Families Involved Serving Humanity Organization FISH
Followers In Service of Him Religious FISH
Friendly Instant Sympathetic Help Military FISH
Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery Organization FISH
Families In Sharing Homes Community FISH
Friends In School Here Education FISH
Faith Inspired Senior Highers Education FISH
Fighting In Someone's House Military FISH
Friday International Student Hospitality University FISH
Friendly Immediate Sympathetic Help US Government FISH
Fellowship In Senior High Education FISH
Friendship In Someone's Home Community FISH

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