What is the full form of FN?

FN Full Form is Field Number

Full Form Category Term
Field Number Military FN
Friends of the Nation Organization FN
Fine Internet Slang FN
Focus Nepal Organization FN
Fiscal Note Accounting FN
Fingerprint Number Police FN
First Nation Genealogy FN
Function Name Maths FN
Fowler Nordheim Business Firm FN
Fabrique National Business Firm FN
Family Network Organization FN
Family Night Education FN
Fondation de Nant Medical FN
Fighter Naval Military FN
Frans Noltee Popular FN
Fabrinet NASDAQ Symbol FN
File Name Computing FN
Forum Notice Internet Slang FN
First Nations Other FN
FARUKHNAGAR Indian Railway Station FN
A Female N Acedemic & Science FN
Filmkontakt Nord Organization FN
Friends in Nepal Organization FN
Food Network Other FN
Force Network Military FN
Forest News Media FN
Fuerza Nueva Spanish FN
FundaciĆ³n Natura Spanish FN
Formula Nippon Sports FN
First Name Law FN
Fore Noon Time FN
False Negatives Law FN
Fact Nepal Organization FN
False Negative Maths FN
Fabrique Nationale Other FN
Foreign Nation Military FN
Financial News Media FN
Fuerzas Navales Spanish FN
Fund for Nonviolence Organization FN
Frequency And Number Electronics FN
Fibonacci Number Maths FN

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