What is the full form of GM?

GM Full Form is Global Majority

Full Form Category Term
Global Majority Organization GM
gigameter Unit of Measurement GM
Government Modified Funny GM
Global Market International Business GM
Gambling Man Sports GM
Game Monitor Sports GM
General Midi Business GM
Gamal Mubarak Other GM
Guidance Manager Military and Defence GM
General Motors Corporation NYSE Symbol GM
Groundwork, Minneapolis Organization GM
Grams Measurement Unit GM
General Motors Business Firm GM
Grey Mouser Other GM
Good Mate Job Title GM
Giuseppe Marzotto Other GM
Gambia Countries GM
Geological Modeler Earth Science GM
Gross motor Physiology GM
Generally Meaningless Funny GM
Bitmap Graphics (autologic Files) File Type GM
Goodness Me! Internet Slang GM
Guided Missile Military GM
Gabriel Media Organization GM
Get Money Other GM
Gentle Men Job Title GM
Game Masters Hobby GM
Good Morning Internet Slang GM
General Mills Business Firm GM
Gram Unit of Measurement GM
A Genetically Made Maths GM
Global Marketplace Organization GM
Geo Metro Other GM
Geometric Mean Other GM
Gutter Mouth Internet Slang GM
Gross Margin Accounts and Finance GM
Games Made Sports GM
Get Mechanic Funny GM
General Motors Company NASDAQ Symbol GM
gigametre Unit of Measurement GM
Glide Memorial Organization GM
Group Modem Military and Defence GM
Grand Matriarch Job Title GM
Graydon Manor Medical GM
George Michael Popular GM
Genetically Modified Human Genome GM
Game Master Sports GM
Gaffe Monger Job Title GM
Group Message Internet Slang GM
Genetic Modification Human Genome GM
Gaseous Mixture Space Science GM
Graha Medika Medical GM
GARMADI Indian Railway Station GM
Generally Modulated Electronics GM
Geiger Mueller Popular GM
Government Motors Other GM
George Melies Popular GM
Gold Master Business Position GM
grandmother Community GM
Guild Mistress Job Title GM
Gunners Mate Military GM
Game Maker Computer Software GM
General Manager Business Position GM
Giant Man Other GM
Garbage Mover Job Title GM
Get Me Acedemic & Science GM
Games Master Sports GM
Games Moderator Job Title GM
Good Message SMS GM

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