What is the full form of GTS?

GTS Full Form is Granites

Full Form Category Term
Granites Airport Code GTS
George Thomas Seaver Other GTS
Guaranteed Tremendous Safety Funny GTS
Gem (generic Equipment Model) Test System Electronics GTS
Gn&c (guidance Navigation and Control) Test Station Space Science GTS
German Touring Series Space Science GTS
Grant's Too Soft Military and Defence GTS
Grand Touring Sedan Transportation GTS
Giga Texel Shading Computing GTS
Generic Traffic Shaping Computer Networking GTS
Guardiandocs Technology Solutions Technology GTS
Global Telesystems Group, Inc. NYSE Symbol GTS
Guaranteed To Start Business GTS
Go To Sleep Internet Slang GTS
Gosh That's Slow Funny GTS
Global Telecommunications System Meteorology GTS
Global Telecommunication System Ocean Science GTS
Global Technology Symposium Technology GTS
General Theological Seminary Other GTS
Google That S*** Internet Slang GTS
Gnu Triangulated Surface Softwares GTS
Global Trading System Stock Exchange GTS
Green Tree School Organization GTS
Triple-S Management Corporation NASDAQ Symbol GTS
Guards Training School Military and Defence GTS
Goody Two Shoes Funny GTS
Go To School School GTS
Green Tobacco Sickness Physiology GTS
General Test Support Space Science GTS
GHATSILA Indian Railway Station GTS
Global Transaction Services Computer Networking GTS

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