What is the full form of IBS?

IBS Full Form is International Business Students

Full Form Category Term
International Business Students University IBS
Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Media IBS
Input Buffer Size Computing IBS
International Biometric Society Other IBS
International Builders Show Business IBS
Institute of Broadcast Sound University IBS
Investigative Bible Study Religious IBS
International Bulb Society Botany IBS
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Physiology IBS
Internet Book Shop Internet IBS
Immunoblastic Sarcoma Oncology IBS
International Business Studies Academic Degree IBS
Integrated Booking System Military IBS
Institute of Buddhist Studies Other IBS
Internet Business Solutions Computer Software IBS
Itty Bitty Ship (SEAL team) Military IBS
International Business Systems International Business IBS
Interactive Blowing System Plasctic IBS
Internet Banking Service Banking IBS
In-building Solution Telecommunication IBS
Internet Banking System Internet IBS
Idiot Boy Syndrome Funny IBS
Inflatable Boat, Small Military IBS
International Biogeography Society Geography IBS
Internet Business Systems Internet IBS
Integrated Broadcast Service Military and Defence IBS
Integrated Broadcast System Military and Defence IBS
Infinite Brush Studio Electronics IBS
Intelligent Building Systems Computer and Networking IBS
Integrated Battle Space Military IBS

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