What is the full form of IDF?

IDF Full Form is I Do Fly

Full Form Category Term
I Do Fly Internet Slang IDF
Independent Distribution Frame Telecommunication IDF
International Dehydrated Foods Business Firm IDF
Intermediate Distribution Frame Computer Networking IDF
Inverse Document Frequency Computer Software IDF
Ile De France Country Specific IDF
intermediate distributing frame Government IDF
International Diabetes Federation Non-Profit Organization IDF
Intensity, Duration, Frequency Military and Defence IDF
Indian Dreams Foundation Organization IDF
Intel Developer Forum Computer Software IDF
Intermediate Distribution Facility Business IDF
Illinois Disciples Foundation University IDF
InternalDrive Foundation Organization IDF
integrated data file Government IDF
International Dart Federation Sports IDF
Integrated Dual Feed Electronics IDF
Inertial Dampening Field NASA IDF
Israeli Defense Forces Military IDF
Intermediate Data Format Database Management IDF
Internet Death Forces Funny IDF
Input Data Format Database Management IDF
Israeli Defense Force International IDF
Idiofa Airport Code IDF
instantaneous direction finder, 5 Government IDF
Immune Deficiency Foundation Non-Profit Organization IDF
Intensity Duration Frequency Military IDF
Integrated Development Foundation Organization IDF
MIDI instrument definition File Extension IDF

What is IDF?

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