What is the full form of IMP?

IMP Full Form is Interface Message Processor

Full Form Category Term
Interface Message Processor Military IMP
implementation management plan Government IMP
Innovative Management Partner Business Management IMP
Interplanetary Monitoring Platform Space Science IMP
integrated management plan Government IMP
International Market Place International Business IMP
intrinsic multiprocessing Government IMP
Implementation Military IMP
information message processor Government IMP
integrated manpower program Government IMP
Logical Implied (programming) Softwares IMP
Internet Modem Protocol Computer and Networking IMP
inventory management plan Government IMP
International Match Point Sports IMP
Initial Memory Protection Space Science IMP
Internet Messaging Program Other IMP
Intelligent Media Player Media IMP
Imaginative Marvelous And Playful Internet Slang IMP
Implant Physiology IMP
Pascal implementation File Extension IMP
Spreadsheet (Lotus Improv) File Extension IMP
Imperatriz airport Regional Airport Code IMP
Imp Compressed File Archive File Type IMP
injection into microwave plasma Government IMP
Logical Implied Maths IMP
Imperatriz Airport Code IMP
Integrated Marketing Plan Business IMP
Individual Management Plan Business IMP
Interface Management Plan Military IMP
Information Management Plan Military IMP
Implementation and Monitoring Plan Military IMP
Internet Media Producer Job Title IMP
Individual Meal Pack Military IMP
Impedance Military IMP
Intelligence Message Processor Military IMP
Internet Mail Provider Computer Networking IMP
Interactive Mathematics Program Other IMP
Interactive Math Program Education IMP
Its My Party Internet Slang IMP
Instituto Medico Platense Medical IMP
Information Management Program Government IMP
Internet My Pocket Internet Slang IMP
Instituto Medico Panamericano Medical IMP
Imperial Bancorp NYSE Symbol IMP
International Magic Police Funny IMP
Interface Message Processors Telecom IMP
Input Message Processing Military IMP
Impression Physiology IMP
Integrated Master Plan Manufacturing IMP
Interactive Mathematical Proofs Maths IMP
Industrial Marketing And Purchasing Internet IMP
integrated microwave products Government IMP
International Music Productions Business Firm IMP
integrated master plan, 13 Government IMP
International Management Program US Government IMP

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