What is the full form of IRC?

IRC Full Form is International Residential Code

Full Form Category Term
International Residential Code Real Estate IRC
International Rostrum of Composers Music IRC
Ironically Retarded Comment Funny IRC
International Relations Center Non-Profit Organization IRC
Internet Ready Computer Hardware IRC
International Record Carrier Telecommunication IRC
Internet Ready Commands Softwares IRC
Indignant Revolutionary Channel Media IRC
Initial Response Cell Military IRC
Indian River County State IRC
I Repeat Class Education IRC
Inspection Release Certificate Certifications IRC
International Rescue Committee Non-Profit Organization IRC
Internal Revenue Code US Government IRC
international record carriers Government IRC
Incrementally Related Carrier Physiology IRC
International Red Cross Military IRC
Inland Real Estate Corporation NASDAQ Symbol IRC
International Rescue Corps Organization IRC
Innovation Relay Centre Business IRC
Internet Relay Chat Computing IRC
Internal Revenue Code, 4 Government IRC
Inland Regional Center Organization IRC
I Repeat Classes University IRC
Ircam Sound Format File Type IRC
Internet Running Club Sports IRC
Circle (ak) Airport Code IRC
Information Resource Center Community IRC
Irrational Rhubarb Chompers Funny IRC
Inter-Residence Council University IRC
Item Related Check Accounts and Finance IRC
Internet Ralley Competition Sports IRC
International Reply Coupon Government IRC
International Resistive Company, Inc. Business Firm IRC

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