What is the full form of JT?

JT Full Form is Jerktonium

Full Form Category Term
Jerktonium Misc JT
085>Java Time [ GMT + 0730] Synagogues JT
Just Trust Organization JT
Jive Turkey Internet Slang JT
Joint Test Military JT
jury trial Other JT
Joint Task Military JT
James Turner Other JT
JORHAT Indian Railway Station JT
Just Think Organization JT
Jason Todd Names and Nicknames JT
Jutta Treviranus Other JT
Justin Timberlake Popular JT
Justin Thyme Funny JT
Jugi Tandon Other JT
Just Teasin Internet Slang JT
Jeremiah Thomas Popular JT
Jahn-Teller Electronics JT
Jersey Tomato Food JT
Japanese Teacher Job Title JT
John Terry Names and Nicknames JT
Java Time [utc + 0730] Time JT
Jersey Telecom Telecom JT
Junior Tiger Community JT
Just Terrific Internet Slang JT
Just Toy Funny JT
January Twenty Day's Abbreviation JT
Jerusalem Talmud Government JT
Jewish Toronto Organization JT
John Titor Other JT
Joint SMS JT
Jive Talking Internet Slang JT
Joule-thompson Effect Physics Related JT
James Taylor Names and Nicknames JT
Japan Tobacco Business Firm JT
Joule-Thompson effect Physics JT

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