What is the full form of LOM?

LOM Full Form is Lots Of Mail

Full Form Category Term
Lots Of Mail Computing LOM
Laminated Object Manufacturing Business LOM
Lover Of Melons Funny LOM
Lunch On Me Internet Slang LOM
Line of Motion Military and Defence LOM
Lan (local Area Network) On Motherboard Networking LOM
Lagos De Moreno Airport Code LOM
locator at the outer marker Government LOM
Lords Of Mashpotatos Business Position LOM
Learning Object Management Stock Exchange LOM
Lonely Old Man Internet Slang LOM
LODHMA Indian Railway Station LOM
Left otitis media Physiology LOM
Limitation Of Movement Physiology LOM
Loss Of Movement Physiology LOM
Lights Out Management Computer Networking LOM
list of materiel, Government LOM

What is LOM?

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