What is the full form of MDF?

MDF Full Form is Microsoft Meta - Data Framework

Full Form Category Term
Microsoft Meta - Data Framework Computer Driver MDF
Mera Desh Foundation Organization MDF
main defense force Government MDF
mission degradation factor Government MDF
MURADI Indian Railway Station MDF
Mudita Dhamma Foundation Organization MDF
Mux Data Frame Computer and Networking MDF
myocardial depressant factor Other MDF
Majestic Dreams Foundation Organization MDF
Medium density fibreboard Other MDF
mission data file Government MDF
Main Distribution Facility Other MDF
Memory Device Failure Hardware MDF
Management for Development Foundation Business Management MDF
Magyar Demokrata Fórum Other MDF
Maine Development Foundation Organization MDF
Marker Definition File Computer Database MDF
manpower data file Government MDF
microcomputer development facilities Government MDF
Medium Diffusion Film Business Product MDF
Marketing Development Fund Non-Profit Organization MDF
Microsoft Database File File Type MDF
Master Dictionary File Computing MDF
Master Data File Computing MDF
Manky Designer Froth Business Firm MDF
Media Descriptor File Computer Database MDF
maritime defense force Government MDF
mild detonating fuse Government MDF
More Desperate Friends Internet Slang MDF
Manipulator Development Facility Space Science MDF
medium frequency direction finding Government MDF
Massively Damp Fungus Laboratory MDF
Main Defense Forces (nato) Military and Defence MDF
Main Distribution Framework Business MDF
Medford (wi) Airport Code MDF
Magical Defense Factor Military MDF
Main Data File Computer Database MDF
mutual data file Government MDF
Main Distribution Frame Telecom MDF
Medford, Wisconsin USA Regional Airport Code MDF
monopulse direction finding Government MDF
Mating/demating Facilities Space Science MDF

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