What is the full form of MIPS?

MIPS Full Form is Meaningless Information Per Second

Full Form Category Term
Meaningless Information Per Second Funny MIPS
Monthly Income Preferred Securities Stock Exchange MIPS
Millions Of Instructions Per Second Computer Driver MIPS
Mathematical Investigation Of Pitch Systems Transportation MIPS
Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages Information Technology MIPS
master integrated program schedule Government MIPS
Missile Impact Predictor Set Government MIPS
Million Of Instructions Per Second Unit of Measurement MIPS
Million Instruction Per Second Hardware MIPS
Microwave Pulse Storage system Government MIPS
Multiband Imaging Photometer for Sirtf NASA MIPS
Model Indian Parliamentary Session Government MIPS
Marine Integrated Personnel system Government MIPS
Material Intensity Per Service Business MIPS
Multi-band Imaging Photometer for Sirtf (space Infra-red Telescope Facility) Space Science MIPS
Multi-mission Image Processing System Space Science MIPS
Mobile International Power Supply Computer Software MIPS
Material Input Per Service Business MIPS
Memory Intensive Primary Storage Computing MIPS
modified integrated program summary Government MIPS
Microprocessor without Interlocking Pipeline Stages Hardware MIPS
Merritt Island Press Site Space Science MIPS
Million Instructions Per Second Computing MIPS
Mobile Information Projection System Computer Hardware MIPS
Meaningless Indicator Of Processor Speed Computing MIPS

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What is MIPS?

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