What is the full form of MOM?

MOM Full Form is My Own Mother

Full Form Category Term
My Own Mother Internet Slang MOM
Micro-kernel Object Model Softwares MOM
Modular Ocean Model Ocean Science MOM
Mopper Of Messes Funny MOM
Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye Popular MOM
Mother Misc MOM
Manager of Messes Job Title MOM
Mars Orbiter Mission Astronomy MOM
Minister of Misinformation Military and Defence MOM
Mobile Operations Manager Job Title MOM
Microsoft Operations Manager Computer Driver MOM
military official mail Government MOM
Message-Oriented Middleware Information Technology MOM
Marketing Operations Management Academic Degree MOM
Moudjeria Airport Code MOM
Mainboard Operation Monitor Telecommunication MOM
Mad On Mondays Internet Error Codes MOM
Management Of Mazes Funny MOM
Ministry Of Magic Funny MOM
Milk of magnesia Physiology MOM
Mission Operations Manager Space Science MOM
Men Of Mystery Media MOM
Model Of The Month Business MOM
Monmouth Ocean Middlesex Local State MOM
Master of The Month Sports MOM
More Of a Moron Internet Slang MOM
Maintenance Operations Mechanic Job Title MOM
Man Of the Month Award or Medal MOM
Mission Of The Moment Military MOM
Mentor On The Move Job Title MOM
Manned Orbiting Mission Space Science MOM
Middle Of Market Stock Exchange MOM
Moments Of Madness Internet Slang MOM
Music For Our Mother Music MOM
Mean Old Man Funny MOM
Microsoft Office Manager Computing MOM
Mp of The Moment Military and Defence MOM
Meanoleman Answered Fone! Messaging MOM
Master of Multi-tasking Job Title MOM
Microsoft Operations Management Computer Software MOM
MIS modification module Government MOM
Making One More Community MOM
Mothers On A Mission Community MOM
Message Oriented Middleware Computer Software MOM
Map Oriented Machine Softwares MOM
manufacturing operations management Other MOM
Magog On The March Religious MOM
Master Of Multitasking Business Position MOM
Minutes of Meeting Toastmaster MOM
Multiple of Median Maths MOM
Management Object Model Business Management MOM
Money Or Market Stock Exchange MOM
Music Operations Manager Job Title MOM
Month-over-month Accounts and Finance MoM
My Oh My! Funny MOM
Metalworks of Montana Messaging MOM
Mobile Originated Message Networking MOM
Most Offensive Mutterer Funny MOM
Modification of Mu Physics Related MOM
My Online Manager File Type MOM
Moudjeria airport Regional Airport Code MOM
My Owner's Manual Funny MOM
Mind Of Mush Funny MOM
Mean Old Mother Funny MOM
Man On a Mission Military MOM
Man Of The Match Sports MOM
multiple of the median British Medicine MOM
MAMAN Indian Railway Station MOM
Made out of money Funny MOM
Man On the Move Internet Slang MOM

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