What is the full form of MTA?

MTA Full Form is Minorities Treated Awfully

Full Form Category Term
Minorities Treated Awfully Funny MTA
Message Transfer Agent Military MTA
medizinische technische Assistant German MTA
Multi Threaded Architecture Computing MTA
Modular Test Architecture Softwares MTA
Material Transfer Agreement Business MTA
Matanuska Telephone Association Business Firm MTA
Military Training Agreement Military and Defence MTA
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Other MTA
Model Turned Artist Internet Slang MTA
military training area Government MTA
Metropolitan Transit Authority Transportation MTA
Mail Transfer Agent Computer Software MTA
Mass Thermal Analysis Space Science MTA
Mayor Traveling Abroad Funny MTA
Maine Turnpike Authority Local State MTA
Maximum Time Aloft Transportation MTA
Minnesota Telecom Alliance Telecommunication MTA
Major Training Area Military MTA
MATHELA Indian Railway Station MTA
Maden Tetkik Ve Arama Genel MüDüRlüGü Turkish MTA
Marseilles Training Area Military MTA
Mother Thrice Admirable Award or Medal MTA
MAC Transportation Authorization Government MTA
Multimedia Terminal Adaptor Computer Hardware MTA
maintenance training aid Government MTA
Microsoft Technology Associate Other MTA
Major Test Article Space Science MTA
Modem Telephony Agent Hardware MTA
Media Terminal Adapter Hardware MTA
Mail Transport Agent Internet MTA
Maryland Transit Administration Business Firm MTA
multiple terminal access Government MTA
Message Traffic Analysis Military MTA
Matamata Airport Code MTA
Monthly Treasury Average Business MTA
multiterminal adapter Government MTA
Multimedia Terminal and Applications Computer and Networking MTA
military transportation authorization Government MTA
Massachusetts Turnpike Authority Local State MTA
Maryland Transport Authority Transportation MTA
Muslim Television Ahmadiyya Other MTA
Marshall Trowelable Ablator Space Science MTA
Multimedia Terminal Adapter (SG9) Computer and Networking MTA
Magnetic Torquer Assembly Space Science MTA
Medical Technical Assistant Job Title MTA
Microsoft Transaction Application Programming Interface Computer Software MTA
Magyar Tavkozlesi Rights NYSE Symbol MTA
Mineral Tri-oxide Aggragate Human Genome MTA
Major Trading Area US Government MTA
maintenance task analysis Government MTA

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