What is the full form of MVA?

MVA Full Form is Mega Volt Amp

Full Form Category Term
Mega Volt Amp Unit of Measurement MVA
Myvatn Airport Code MVA
Main Valve Actuator Space Science MVA
Marketing Very Aggressively Business MVA
Motor Vehicle Administration Government MVA
Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara Physiology MVA
Manitoba Volleyball Association Sports MVA
MALAKA VEMALA Indian Railway Station MVA
Market Value Appraiser Business Position MVA
Motor Vehicle Act Law MVA
Market Value Adjustment Stock Exchange MVA
Market Value Added Accounting MVA
Motivation Value Added Business MVA
Multi Vehicle Accident Law MVA
Minimum Vectoring Altitude Transportation MVA
Megavolt Ampere Space Science MVA
MedVenture Associates Business Firm MVA
Manufacturing, Value Added Messaging MVA
Mitral Valve Annuloplasty Physiology MVA
Mitch's Voice Announcer Funny MVA
Modified Vaccinia Ankara Other MVA
MisiĆ³n Verde Amazonia Organization MVA
Malta Veterinary Association Veterinary MVA
Multipoint Visualization Achieved Computer and Networking MVA

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What is MVA?

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