What is the full form of NDA?

NDA Full Form is National District of Atal

Full Form Category Term
National District of Atal Country Specific NDA
Non Disclosure Agreement Business NDA
National Defence Academy Military NDA
National Dyslexic Association Non-Profit Organization NDA
New Drug Application Physiology NDA
nondisclosure agreement Government NDA
National Democratic Alliance Political NDA
Non-Disclosure Agreement Business NDA
No Detectable Activity Military NDA
National Dance Alliance Other NDA
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Government NDA
National Dance Association Performing Art NDA
Now Don't Ask SMS NDA
Net Domestic Asset Banking NDA
Non Democratic Alliance Political NDA
New Drug Applications Physiology NDA
Not Doing Anything Internet Slang NDA
No Deal Alternative Law NDA
Bandanaira Airport Code NDA
Niagara Divers Association Sports NDA
No Dipping Agreement Funny NDA
Nope Doesn't Apply Law NDA
Nationally Divided Administration Funny NDA
National Defense Act Government NDA
Not Done Anything Funny NDA
Notre Dame Academy Sports NDA
Nope, Doesn't Apply SMS NDA
National Deaf Academy Medical NDA
New Day Art Organization NDA
national defense area Government NDA
National Diabetes Association Non-Profit Organization NDA

What is NDA?

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