What is the full form of NED?

NED Full Form is New Eating Disorder

Full Form Category Term
New Eating Disorder Physiology NED
Non Educated Delinquent Law NED
No Evident Disease Hospital NED
Normal Equivalent Deviation Measurement Unit NED
Neuroectodermal Dysplasia Disease NED
N I H Enterprise Directory Medical NED
Network Of Egghead Divers Sports NED
Non-explosive Device Military and Defence NED
Extragalactic Database Government NED
National Endowment for Democracy Other NED
NASA Government NED
Nasa Extragalactic Database NASA NED
No evidence of disease Physiology NED
National Elevation Dataset Earth Science NED
neuroendocrine differentiation British Medicine NED
Non Explosive Device Military NED
New English Dictionary Library NED
Nasa Extra-galactic Database Space Science NED
Non-Executive Director Business Position NED
Nuke Encryption Device Military and Defence NED
New England Diamond Earth Science NED
New England Dragway Sports NED
NANDED Indian Railway Station NED
No Error Detection Computer Hardware NED
Non Executive Director Business Position NED

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