What is the full form of NOP?

NOP Full Form is Next Operational Period

Full Form Category Term
Next Operational Period Messaging NOP
No Operation Computer Assembly NOP
Network Of Prayer Religious NOP
Mactan International airport Regional Airport Code NOP
Net Operation Profit Accounts and Finance NOP
kNowledge Is Power Education NOP
No One's Perfect Internet Slang NOP
Mactan Island Airport Code NOP
National Organic Program Food NOP
iARi Organization NOP
Nuclear Operating Plan Government NOP
No Problem Messaging NoP
No Operation Point NASA NOP
National Opinion Poll Political NOP
Nederlandse Opvang Papaegaaien Business Firm NOP
Notice Of Preparation US Government NOP
No Ocular Pain Physiology NOP
Office of the Chief of Navy Operations, 4 Government NOP
Network Object Property Computer Networking NOP
Nuclear Operations Military NOP
Not Otherwise Provided For Physiology NOP
New Orleans Pelicans Other NOP

What is NOP?

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