What is the full form of PETA?

PETA Full Form is People Excusing Terrorist Atrocities

Full Form Category Term
People Excusing Terrorist Atrocities US Government PETA
People Embarassing the Tidewater Area Funny PETA
Pembela Tanah Air Indonesian PETA
People Euthanizing The Animals Funny PETA
People Eating Tasty Animals Community PETA
Performance Evaluation and Trend Analysis Space Science PETA
Primary English Teaching Association Education PETA
Pointless Experiments Torture Animals Funny PETA
Pretty Enjoyably Tasty Animals Food PETA
Please Eat Tasty Animals Funny PETA
Pederasts Envision A Transgendered America Funny PETA
People Eating Timid Animals Funny PETA
PANDETOLA Indian Railway Station PETA
Pretty Extraordinary Terrific Actress Internet Slang PETA
Personal Expenses Transitional Addition Accounts and Finance PETA
People Eatiang Tasty Animals Non-Profit Organization PETA
People Eat Turkey Alot Funny PETA
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Non-Profit Organization PETA
Please Eat The Animals Food PETA

What is PETA?

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