What is the full form of PIF?

PIF Full Form is Print Image Framer

Full Form Category Term
Print Image Framer Media PIF
Provision of Industrial Facilities Business PIF
Personel Information Format Database Management PIF
Graphics Metafile (os/2) File Type PIF
Pupil Intake Factor Hospital PIF
Payment In Full Accounting PIF
photo interpretation facility Government PIF
Pelita Ilmu Foundation Organization PIF
Pingtung South airport Regional Airport Code PIF
Product Information File Business PIF
productivity investment funding Government PIF
Pingtung Airport Code PIF
program information file, 7 Government PIF
Productivity Improvement Fund Business PIF
Vector graphics GDF format (IBM mainframe computers) File Extension PIF
Policlínica Itália Franco Medical PIF
Program Information File (Windows 3.x) File Extension PIF
Pingtung, Taiwan China Regional Airport Code PIF
Problem Identification Flag Military and Defence PIF
provisions of industrial facilities Government PIF
Punjab Irregular Force Military PIF
Pay It Forward Accounts and Finance PIF
Process Interchange Format Computing PIF
Powerbomb Into Facebuster Sports PIF
Production Investment And Financing Business PIF
Physics At The Information Frontier Physics Related PIF
payload integration facility Government PIF
Provisions for Industrial Facilities Military PIF
Play It Forward Sports PIF
Programmable Initialization File Computing PIF
Peace International Foundation Organization PIF
Peripheral Interface File Computer Networking PIF
Professional Interest Forum Job Title PIF
picture interchange format file Government PIF
Plot Implausibility Field Maths PIF
Insured Municipal Income Fund NYSE Symbol PIF
Program Information File Computing PIF
Post Index Filename File Extension PIF

What is PIF?

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