What is the full form of PM?

PM Full Form is Permanent Magnet

Full Form Category Term
Permanent Magnet Electronics PM
Processor Module Space Science PM
Proleadee Mexixo Organization PM
Performance Management Computer and Networking PM
Plus Or Minus Maths PM
Private Message Internet Slang PM
Pervaiz Musharraf Other PM
PoliclĂ­nica Madero Medical PM
Pocket Message Texting PM
Pacific Meridian Time PM
Perl File Extension PM
Palm Mute Computer Networking PM
plastic maneuver Government PM
Pre Menstrual Physiology PM
Paul Mccartney Popular PM
Psychiatriezentrum Munsingen Medical PM
Physical Memory Computer Hardware PM
Patrick Madrid Popular PM
poor metaboliser British Medicine PM
panel meter Government PM
Particle Measure Measurement Unit PM
Patient Movement Military and Defence PM
procedures manual Government PM
Presentation Manager Government PM
Program Management Military PM
Planetary Mapper Space Science PM
Party Mode Funny PM
Provost Marshal Military PM
partial mole British Medicine PM
Promethium Electronics PM
Protected Mode Computing PM
patrol missile boat Government PM
Perfect Man Job Title PM
Private Messages Time Zone PM
point mutation British Medicine PM
Php (php Hypertext Preprocessor) Mime (multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Networking PM
St. Pierre and Miquelon USPS PM
Project Management Military PM
product manager Government PM
procedure memory Government PM
Powder Maggots Military and Defence PM
Power Method Maths PM
Pulse Modulated Military and Defence PM
Personal Media Networking PM
Process Manager Ocean Science PM
Polygonal Map Maths PM
Political-military Affairs Military and Defence PM
Plus and Minus Maths PM
Precious Metals Time Zone PM
Paxton Ministries Organization PM
Preventive Medicine Hospital PM
Post Mortem Human Genome PM
Per Metre Measurement Unit PM
pounds per minute Government PM
Poe Museum Organization PM
Perl Module Softwares PM
Pseudo Manifold Maths PM
Payload Midbody Space Science PM
Post Meridieum Measurement Unit PM
Pm0 Military and Defence PM
Penalty Minutes Sports PM
Performance Monitor NASA PM
psoas major British Medicine PM
Proper Motion Sports PM
Particle Multiplication Physics Related PM
Post Man Job Title PM
Personal Message Internet Slang PM
Preventative Maintenance Military PM
Phase Modulation Electronics PM
proactinium Chemistry PM
Prototype Model Electronics PM
Priority Mail US Government PM
Program Module Softwares PM
Project Mayhem Funny PM
Presentation Manager Bitmap Graphics File File Type PM
Preventive Maintenance Military PM
Passage Material Military and Defence PM
project manager USPS PM
picometer Unit of Measurement PM
point-to-multipoint Government PM
Post Meridiem Time Zone PM
Porch Monkey Business Position PM
Peg Material Computer Hardware PM
Pardon My .... Internet Slang PM
Project Momentum Organization PM
Privatklinik Meiringen Medical PM
PALAM Indian Railway Station PM
Payload Management Space Science PM
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Countries PM
product management Government PM
postmenopausal British Medicine PM
Prime Minister US Government PM
paymaster Government PM
Planning Module Military and Defence PM
Pulse Modulation Electronics PM
Polic A Militar Military and Defence PM
Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs Government PM
Practice Management Music PM
Pattern Matching Softwares PM
Pay Me Business Position PM
Pere Marquette Regional Railroad PM
Pavillion de MĂ©tabetchouan Medical PM
Private Messaging SMS PM
Post-Mortem Law PM
Philip Morris International Inc NASDAQ Symbol PM
Power Management Computer Driver PM
Peacemaking Military PM
Powerful Project Management Toolset for Project Manager Softwares PM
Pro Musicis Organization PM
Pm1 Military and Defence PM
Processable Mode Computer and Networking PM
Piranha Manager Job Title PM
postmortem Government PM
Petameter Measurement Unit Pm
Program Manager Business PM
Pro Mujer Organization PM
Personal Mobility File Type PM
postmaster Government PM
Particulate Material Physics Related PM
Particulate Matter Physics PM
Periodically Missing Job Title PM
Petametre Measurement Unit Pm
program management, 30 Government PM
Bureau of Political-military Affairs (dos) Military and Defence PM
Polyclinique Meignie Medical PM
Parallel Track Multiunit Military and Defence PM
probability of mission success Government PM
Pension Muertschen Medical PM
Power Matrix Maths PM
Production Management Business PM
Poor Man Misc PM
Planned Maintenance Other PM
pagemaker Computer Software PM
Post Mile Measurement Unit PM
X Window Pixelmap 8-bit Text Bitmap Graphics File Type PM
program memorandum Government PM
program Government PM
Perl Monger Funny PM
Performance Monitoring Telecom PM
Past Master Measurement Unit PM
photomultiplexer Government PM
Property Manager Job Title PM
Parkwood Manor Medical PM
Production Manager Business Position PM
Pain Management Physiology PM
post meridian Government PM
Post Master Job Title PM
Plot Manager Softwares PM
pilot member Government PM

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