What is the full form of POD?

POD Full Form is Port Of Discharge

Full Form Category Term
Port Of Discharge Transportation POD
point of origin device Government POD
probability of detention Government POD
Port Of Destination Transportation POD
Podor airport Regional Airport Code POD
Point Of Deployment Military POD
Pool of Devices Computer Hardware POD
Post Olympic Depression Sports POD
Proof On Delivery Business POD
Payable On Demand Accounting POD
Pathetic, Often Disgraceful Messaging POD
Pay On Death Business POD
Planet Of Death Science Fiction POD
proposed operational dates Government POD
Prince Of Darkness Internet Slang POD
Professional And Organizational Development Business POD
Pile Of Dung Funny POD
Print On Demand US Government POD
Professional Organization Development Business Management POD
Port Of Debarkation Military POD
Proof Of Delivery Business Product POD
plan of the day Government POD
Picture Of The Day Accounting POD
Point Of Delivery Military POD
Proximity Opticai Device Space Science POD
publishing on demand Government POD
point of debarkation Government POD
Podor Airport Code POD
Plain Old Data Computer Database POD
Protective Oceanic Device Military POD
Probability Of Detection Ocean Science POD
Principal of Dominos Military and Defence POD
PORDA BHATERA Indian Railway Station POD
Preferred Organic Digester Chemistry POD
Plain Old Documentation Computing POD
Ping of Death Networking POD
Publish On Demand Media POD
Packet transport over DSL Computer and Networking PoD
Payload Operations Division Space Science POD
pay on delivery Government POD
Payable On Death Business POD
Pathetic Often Disgraceful Internet Slang POD
Play on Demand Computer Software POD
Plant Only Daisies Funny POD
Personalization On Demand Softwares POD
Point Of Departure Military POD
Problem Of The Day Accounting POD
printing on demand Government POD
Payload Operations Director Space Science POD
Performance Optimized Data Database Management POD
Party Of Darkness Funny POD

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