What is the full form of POS?

POS Full Form is Port-Of-Spain airport

Full Form Category Term
Port-Of-Spain airport Regional Airport Code POS
Point of Sale System USPS POS
primary operating system Government POS
Probability of Success Military and Defence POS
Plains Of Snow Regional POS
primary operating stocks Government POS
Catalina Marketing Corporation NYSE Symbol POS
point-of-sale Government POS
preoperational support Government POS
Polar Orbiting Satellite Ocean Science POS
Point Of Sales Computing POS
peacetime operating stocks Government POS
Public Organization "Shoto" Organization POS
Pacific Ocean Ship Space Science POS
Parts Of Speech Toastmaster POS
Piece of Shit Texting POS
Packet Over Sonet (synchronous Optical Network) Telecommunication POS
Piarco airport Regional Airport Code POS
Product Of Sums Mathematics POS
Parent Over Shoulder Internet Slang POS
Point of Satisfaction Maths POS
Player of Slots Sports POS
Perceived Organizational Support Business POS
Public Open Space Academic & Science Architecture & Constructions POS
Persistent Offenders Police POS
Parallel Operating System Softwares POS
Packet Over SONET Telecom POS
Performance Optimizing System Softwares POS
Purchase Of Service Business Firm POS
Pain Of Salvation Religious POS
Point of Separation Military and Defence POS
Port of Spain Regional POS
proportional support, 11 Government POS
Point of Stress Physics Related POS
Programmable Option Select Softwares POS
persistent object service Government POS
Point Of Sale Telecom POS
Public Offering Statement Stock Exchange POS
Percentage of Sales Accounts and Finance POS
Persistent Object System Softwares POS
Parents Over Shoulder SMS POS
Part of Story Internet Slang POS
Program Of Studies University POS
Port of Support Military and Defence POS
Packet-over-SONET Computer and Networking POS
Point of Services Banking POS
Port Of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago Regional Airport Code POS
programmable object select Government POS
Public Offering of Securities Business POS
Piece of shit, or parent over shoulder. Internet Slang POS
Position Space Science POS
Put On Shelf Computer Software POS
Point Of Service Medical POS
Portable Oxygen System Space Science POS
Peacetime Operational State Military and Defence POS

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