What is the full form of RFC?

RFC Full Form is Request For Change

Full Form Category Term
Request For Change Military RFC
Request for Comments (IETF) Computer and Networking RFC
Response Force Commander Military and Defence RFC
Registered Financial Consultant Job Title RFC
Reconnaissance Fire Complex Military and Defence RFC
Royal Family Club Organization RFC
Request for Change Revolution Space Science RFC
request for changes, 5 Government RFC
Request For Comments Telecom RFC
Royal Flying Corps Military RFC
Designation for an IETF Standard Computer and Networking RFC
Registro Federal de Contribuyentes Mexican RFC
Requests For Comment US Government RFC
Resources for Families and Communities Organization RFC
Radio Frequency Choke Electronics RFC
Residential Funding Corporation Business Firm RFC
Rangers Football Club Sports RFC
recommended flight clearance Government RFC
Richstone Family Center Organization RFC
Requirements For Conformance US Government RFC
Request For Comment Computing RFC
River Forecast Center Ocean Science RFC
Request for Capabilities Military and Defence RFC
Rugby Football Club Sports RFC
Resident Foreign Currency Currency RFC
Residual Functional Capacity Hospital RFC
Rajasthan Finance Corporation Rajasthan Government RFC
Remote Feature Control Computer and Networking RFC
Registered Floor Clerk Job Title RFC
Reconstruction Finance Corporation US Government RFC
radio-frequency charts Government RFC
Remote Function Call Computing RFC
Requests For Comments US Government RFC
Radio Frequency Charts Space Science RFC
Really Funny Comments Internet Slang RFC

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