What is the full form of RMS?

RMS Full Form is Received Message Store

Full Form Category Term
Received Message Store Networking RMS
Receivables Management Service Accounts and Finance RMS
Race Marque Systems Sports RMS
Royal Microscopical Society Organization RMS
Royal Mahaveer Society Organization RMS
Root-mean-square Space Science RMS
Richard M Stallman Other RMS
Random Motion Simulator Space Science RMS
Rageing Mammoth Society Funny RMS
Republik Maluku Selatan Countries RMS
record management services Government RMS
regional military separatism Government RMS
Richard Matthew Stallman Information Technology RMS
Ramstein Ab airport Regional Airport Code RMS
Rockcliffe Middle School Misc RMS
Resource Monitoring Subsystem Military and Defence RMS
Redundancy Management System Space Science RMS
Robot Management System Business Management RMS
Resource Monitoring System Softwares RMS
Remote Manipulator System (subsystem) Space Science RMS
Royal Mail Ship Transportation RMS
Royal Mail Steamer Other RMS
resource management system Government RMS
Risk Management and Safety Space Science RMS
Recovery Management Services Business Management RMS
Rate My Signal Radio Science RMS
RAMSHAI Indian Railway Station RMS
Receivables Management Solutions Accounts and Finance RMS
Rooms Real Estate RMS
Radian Means Per Second Space Science RMS
reconnaissance management system Government RMS
Root Mean Square Mathematics RMS
regulatory manpower system Government RMS
Ride me sideways Internet Slang RMS
Rights Management Services Computer Driver RMS
Reliability, Maintainability, and Safety Space Science RMS
Resource Media, Seattle Organization RMS
Remote Management Service Networking RMS
requirements management system Government RMS
Relocated Module Segment Computer Assembly Language RMS
Resource Management Suite Business Management RMS
Royal Medical Society Hospital RMS
remote monitoring system Government RMS
Really Massive Ship Funny RMS
Ramstein Airport Code RMS

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