What is the full form of ROS?

ROS Full Form is Return Of Old Symptom

Full Form Category Term
Return Of Old Symptom Laboratory ROS
Reduced Operating Status NASA ROS
Remote Operations Service Telecom ROS
Run Of Site Media ROS
Review of systems Physiology ROS
read-only storage , 3 Government ROS
Rookie Online Series Sports ROS
Room Only To Stand Misc ROS
Rate of Oxidation Chemistry ROS
Rosman, North Carolina, Spaceflight Tracking Data Network Station Space Science ROS
Return On Sales Business ROS
Regulated Oxygen Supply Space Science ROS
Radical Oxygen Species Chemistry ROS
Rostelecom Long Distance & Internet NYSE Symbol ROS
Return Of Old Symptoms Physiology ROS
Robot Operating System Softwares ROS
Reconstitution Operational State Military and Defence ROS
Run Of Stack Computer Assembly ROS
Run Of Schedule Business ROS
Rosario Airport Code ROS
Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina Regional Airport Code ROS
Rate Of Sulfation Chemistry ROS
Rosario airport Regional Airport Code ROS
Removable Overhead Structure Space Science ROS
RAJOSI Indian Railway Station ROS
Record On Silicon Electronics ROS
Run On Site Business ROS
Remote Operations Security Computer Security ROS
Riders Of The Storm Media ROS
Regulated Oxygen System Space Science ROS
Reactive Oxygen Species Chemistry ROS
Recreation Opportunity Spectrum Sports ROS
Reduced Operational Status Military ROS

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