What is the full form of RTA?

RTA Full Form is Road Traffic Accident

Full Form Category Term
Road Traffic Accident Police RTA
Riberalta, Bolivia, Seismograph Station Earth Science RTA
Round Trip Average Networking RTA
Referring Travel Agent Business Position RTA
Rotuma Island Airport Code RTA
Real Time Author Media RTA
Residential Tenancies Authority Community RTA
Returned To Australia US Government RTA
Real-time Accumulator Space Science RTA
Root The Area Law RTA
Riverside Transit Agency Other RTA
Road Traffic Accidents Transportation RTA
responsible test activity, 4 Government RTA
Roads & Transport Authority Transportation RTA
Ready To Assemble Military RTA
Radially Tapered Antenna Radio Science RTA
Rotuma Island airport Regional Airport Code RTA
Resident Technical Assistant Job Title RTA
Reactivity Test Assembly Physics Related RTA
residual threat assessment Government RTA
Ready To Apply University RTA
Real-time Analysis Maths RTA
Religious And Theological Abstracts Religious RTA
receiver/transmitter antenna Government RTA
Reversing Tool for Assembler Computer Assembly Language RTA
Rapid Thermal Anneal Electronics RTA
Rotuma Island, Fiji Regional Airport Code RTA
Road To Avonlea Transportation RTA
Resident Twinning Advisor Business Position RTA
Recreational Tennis Association Sports RTA
Real Time Analyzer Computer Hardware RTA
Rapid Transit Administration Transportation RTA
Rubidium Titanyl Arsenate Chemistry RTA
Regional Transportation Authority Transportation RTA
Repatriated To Australia Military RTA
Real-time Analyzer Electronics RTA
RUTHIYAI Indian Railway Station RTA
Regional Transit Authority Physiology RTA
Right Tossers Association Sports RTA
Regional Transit Administration Local State RTA

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