What is the full form of SCD?

SCD Full Form is strategic communications division

Full Form Category Term
strategic communications division Government SCD
source control drawing Government SCD
Sonic CD Gaming SCD
Service Computation Date Military and Defence SCD
Service Capability Definition Computer and Networking SCD
Second Cycle Degree Academic Degree SCD
Specification Control Drawing Space Science SCD
Sanford Clinic Dermatology Medical SCD
Source Control Document Space Science SCD
Specification Control Document Space Science SCD
Salesmanship Club of Dallas Organization SCD
Sister Component Damage Electronics SCD
Single Crystal Diffraction Physics Related SCD
Microsoft Schedule+ 7.x Contacts File Extension SCD
Strictly Come Dancing Media SCD
Slowly Changing Dimension Computer Software SCD
schedule Government SCD
Sun Coast Designs Business Firm SCD
Scientia Doctoris (doctor of Science) [lat.] Educational Degree ScD
Sex Crimes Detail Police SCD
Silver Creek Division Geology SCD
Scientific Computing Division Business SCD
Sports Collectors Digest Media SCD
Sulaco Airport Code SCD
Sega CD Gaming SCD
Specific Carbohydrate Diet Food SCD
standard color display Government SCD
Spinocerebellar Degeneration Medical SCD
Service Connected Disability Military SCD
Sudden Cardiac Death Physiology SCD
LMP Capital and Income Fund Inc. NASDAQ Symbol SCD
Sequential Compression Device Computer Software SCD
Something Completely Different Internet Slang SCD
silicon capacitor diodes Government SCD
SCODL Scan Conversion Object Description Language File Extension SCD
Strong Commit Dependency Telecom SCD
severe combined immunodeficiency Medical SCD
Sickle Cell Disease Physiology SCD
System Confidence Demonstration Military SCD
scintillation detector Government SCD
Supercritical Drying Physics Related SCD

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