What is the full form of SEC?

SEC Full Form is system essentiality code, 12

Full Form Category Term
system essentiality code, 12 Government SEC
secondary electron conduction Government SEC
Send Extra Cocktails Internet Slang SEC
Diskreet Secure Encrypted File File Type SEC
Southern Economic Corridor Messaging SEC
Securities Exchange Commission Stock Exchange SEC
Secretary Toastmaster SEC
Pretty Good Privacy Secret Key Ring File File Type SEC
Securities and Exchange Commission International Business SEC
simple electronic computer Government SEC
Security and Exchange Commission Military SEC
Surely Everybody's Cheating Funny SEC
Securities and Exchange Commission  Other SEC
Speed Eliminates Competition Sports SEC
standard evaluation circuit Government SEC
See Everyone Cheats Internet Slang SEC
Shroff Eye Clinic Medical SEC
Sequential Events Controller Space Science SEC
Sector Computer Hardware SEC
Secondary Space Science SEC
Disney Animation Studio Secured Animation File File Type SEC
Specialty Equipment Companies, Inc. NYSE Symbol SEC
US Securities and Exchange Commission Accounting SEC
State Electricity Commission Government SEC
South Eastern Conference Sports SEC
Second (s Preferred) Space Science sec
Salem Exchange Club Organization SEC
South Equatorial Current Ocean Science SEC
submarine element coordinator Government SEC
Source Evaluation Committee Space Science SEC
Secure Real Estate SEC
Security Architecture SEC
Space Environment Center US Government SEC
Standard Entry Class Sports SEC
Socio-economic Classification Real Estate SEC
Service Entrance Cable Electronics SEC
security clearance Government SEC
Software Experience Center University SEC
So Extremely Common Internet Slang SEC
Secant Mathematics SEC
Sponsor Executive Committee Business SEC
ETSI Security Technical Committee Computer and Networking SEC
standard Ethernet controller Government SEC
Gas Sampling Method Radio Science SEC
single error correction Government SEC
Single Edge Cartridges Military and Defence SEC
Securing Entitlements For Crooks Funny SEC
Southwest Environmental Center Organization SEC
Section Military SEC
Spoiler Elevator Computer Transportation SEC
Sheldrake Environmental Center Organization SEC
Seconds Military SEC
Second Unit of Measurement SEC
Southeastern Conference Sports SEC
Serre Chevalier Airport Code SEC
Single Edge Contact Electronics SEC
Space Environmental Center Meteorology SEC
Southwestern Other SEC
space event conference Government SEC
Some Easy Conference Sports SEC
Single Edge Cartridge Computing SEC
Southern Electric Contracting Business Firm SEC
secondary emission conductivity Government SEC

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