What is the full form of SIR?

SIR Full Form is Sport Injected Race

Full Form Category Term
Sport Injected Race Sports SIR
Sustained Information Rate Computing SIR
signal-to-interference ration Government SIR
Sampling Importance Resampling Stock Exchange SIR
Signal-to-Interference Ratio Amateur Radio SIR
serial infrared Government SIR
statistical information retrieval Government SIR
Surface Insulation Resistance Electronics SIR
special inspection requirement Government SIR
selective information retrieval Government SIR
SCImago Institutions Rankings Other SIR
Selective Internal Radiation Physics Related SIR
Small Instance Relaxation Physiology SIR
Southern Indiana Region Local State SIR
systems integration review Government SIR
Skill Integrity And Responsibility Education SIR
Sons In Retirement Community SIR
Sion airport Regional Airport Code SIR
Software Initiated Restart Space Science SIR
System Interface Requirement Space Science SIR
Scottish Ice Rink Sports SIR
System Investigation Request Softwares SIR
Self Insured Retention Military SIR
Select Income REIT NASDAQ Symbol SIR
Staten Island Railway Regional Railroad SIR
simultaneous impact rate Government SIR
Sort Interval Recursive Maths SIR
Science Information Robot University SIR
Sion Airport Code SIR
Special Investment Region Gujrat Government SIR
serious incident report Government SIR
standardization interface record Government SIR
semiannual inventory report, Government SIR
symbolic input routine Government SIR
Scientific Information Retrieval Business SIR
Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Accounting SIR
Signal to Interference Ratio Computer and Networking SIR
standard interface record Government SIR
specific information requirement Government SIR
Shuttle Imaging Radar Ocean Science SIR
School Improvement Review Education SIR
Sion, Switzerland Regional Airport Code SIR
Speed Integrity And Reliability Law SIR
Silencing Information Regulator Law SIR
Society of Interventional Radiology Professional Organizations SIR
Solitaire file Bitmap graphics File Extension SIR
System Internal Resource Computing SIR
Sampling, Importance, Re-sampling Maths SIR
Spokane Indian Reservation Local State SIR
standard interface requirement Government SIR
semantic information retrieval Government SIR
SIRHIND JN Indian Railway Station SIR
Susceptible Infected And Recovered Physiology SIR
Statement of Intent To Register Stock Exchange SIR
Systems Integrated Receiver Government SIR

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