What is the full form of SMILE?

SMILE Full Form is Support Management Information Love And Encouragement

Full Form Category Term
Support Management Information Love And Encouragement Religious SMILE
Stop Making It Loud Everyone Community SMILE
Students Making It A Little Easier Education SMILE
Someone Madly In Love Everyday Internet Slang SMILE
Service Making Individual Lives Easier Community SMILE
Sweet Memory In Lip Expression Internet Slang SMILE
Sensory Motor Instructive Leadership Experience Medical SMILE
Support Meaningful Involvement Love And Education Religious SMILE
Swiss Market Index- Linked Issue Business SMILE
Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement Maths SMILE
Southwestern Michigan Interconnect For Learning Experience Education SMILE
Smiling Other SMILE
Setup Minimization Improves Line Efficiency Computer Networking SMILE
Special Ministry In Lay Evangelism Religious SMILE
Students Motivated In Literacy Education University SMILE
Safety Magic In Law Enforcement Law SMILE
Stimulating Motivating Imaginative Learning Environment Education SMILE
Shared Moments In Living And Eating Community SMILE
Secondary Mathematics Individualised Learning Experience Education SMILE
Self Motivation In Lasting Endorphins Physiology SMILE
Solution Mapping Intelligent Learning Environment Education SMILE
Short Movie In Lasting Education Education SMILE
Students Making Individual Lives Easier University SMILE
Swiss Market Index-linked Issue Stock Exchange SMILE
Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal Internet Slang SMILE
Subjective Multidimensional Interactive Laughter Evaluation Physiology SMILE
Sweet Mile In Life to Enjoy Funny SMILE
Sweet Memories In Lip Expression Funny SMILE

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