What is the full form of SWAT?

SWAT Full Form is Satellite, Wideband, and Telemetry System

Full Form Category Term
Satellite, Wideband, and Telemetry System Military and Defence SWAT
Stoned, Wasted, And Trippin' Internet Slang SWAT
Special Work Assignment Team Business SWAT
Students With A Target University SWAT
software analysis and test Government SWAT
Special Weapons and Tactics Team FBI File SWAT
Spun Warped And Twisted Funny SWAT
Shoot Without Any Thinking Funny SWAT
Sweeping Waste And Trash Funny SWAT
Style With Artistic Technique Funny SWAT
Small Winery Action Team Business Firm SWAT
Souljaz, Warriorz, And Thugstaz Funny SWAT
Special Weapons Assault Team Government SWAT
Serving with Arms Team Sports SWAT
Secret World Adventure Team Law SWAT
Strength and Weakness Analysis of Target Military and Defence SWAT
Sit Wait And Talk Funny SWAT
Snobs Writing Angry Threads Internet Slang SWAT
Special Weapons And Tactics Law SWAT
Stupid Wet Atrocious Trojans Funny SWAT
Stinks With A Thud Funny SWAT
Special Winning Attitude Team Education SWAT
Strategic Willing and Temporary Job Title SWAT
Stress Wave Analysis Technique Space Science SWAT
Stat Work Archiving Tool Softwares SWAT
Stunts, Wheelies, and Aerial Tactics Sports SWAT
Super Winning Attitude Team Business SWAT
Special Weapons And Tactics  Other SWAT
software assessment team, 4 Government SWAT
Soil Water And Air Team Meteorology SWAT
Superior Winning Attitude Team Sports SWAT
Simple Web Automation Toolkit Softwares SWAT
Students Working Against Tobacco Education SWAT
Strength and Wellness Athletic Training Sports SWAT
Simple Waste of Action and Time Military and Defence SWAT
SIDEWINDER IC acquisition track Government SWAT
School Wide Assistive Technology Education SWAT
Sit, Wait, and Talk Funny SWAT
Special Weapon And Tactics Law SWAT
Students Working To Advance Technology University SWAT
Straight White Attractive Teeth Physiology SWAT
Some Weird Action Team Funny SWAT
Stud With A 'Tude Funny SWAT
Special Warriors Action Team Military and Defence SWAT
Someone Will Actually Think Funny SWAT
Student Workers Applying Technology University SWAT
Skilled With Advanced Tools Business Position SWAT
Semantic Web and Agent Technologies Softwares SWAT
Special Woodsball Assault Team Sports SWAT
Super Wedgie And Thong Funny SWAT
Samba Web Administration Tool Computer Networking SWAT
South West Anarchy Team Funny SWAT
Single-wheeled Attack Team Sports SWAT
Someone With an Abnormal Tinkle Funny SWAT
Students With A Testimony Religious SWAT
Software Analytics and Triage Softwares SWAT
Soil and Water Assessment Tool Geology SWAT
Spun, Warped, And Twisted Funny SWAT
SoftWare Action Team Electronics SWAT
So Wet And Tight Funny SWAT

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