What is the full form of TB?

TB Full Form is Team Battle

Full Form Category Term
Team Battle Sports TB
Throttle Body Transportation TB
Tsunami Bomb Sports TB
Textile Bank Banking TB
Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Team TB
terabyte , 6 Government TB
Transistor Bass Electronics TB
TechBoston Organization TB
Technical Bulletin Military TB
Triple Burner Chemistry TB
Text Back Texting TB
Thunder Bay Canada Province TB
Turbo Block Computer and Networking TB
Toggle Buffer Space Science TB
Token Bucket Networking TB
Thumb Bandits Law TB
TechBridge Organization TB
Tuberculosis Physiology TB
Tight Binding Electronics TB
Tacoma Basin Earth Science TB
transmitter-blocker Government TB
To Be Computing TB
Tampa Bay Rays Sports TB
temporal bone British Medicine TB
Temporary Building Military and Defence TB
tablespoon Government TB
Tank Buster Military and Defence TB
Time Base Time Zone TB
Tool Box Electronics TB
Tenitope Bolegun Sports TB
trypan blue British Medicine TB
Time Bracket Electronics TB
Trade Balance International Business TB
Total Bases (baseball) Sports TB
The Bridge Medical TB
tubercle bacillus Other TB
Torture Brace Military and Defence TB
Total Births US Government TB
Torpedo Boat Ship Types TB
Thoroughbred Sports TB
Transistor Baseline Electronics TB
Travel Bug Hobby TB
Tuberkulose German TB
Ten Bears Other TB
Total Babe Messaging TB
Thermoelectric Battery Electronics TB
Teen Baby Community TB
Thought Bubble Internet Slang TB
Terbium Chemistry TB
TeraByte Unit of Measurement TB
Terminal Base Space Science TB
THARBITIA Indian Railway Station TB
Tiger Beat Other TB
The Bunker Military TB
Too Bad SMS TB
Tampa Bay Local State TB
Treasury Bills Stock Exchange TB
terminal board Government TB
taste buds British Medicine TB
Talk Back NASA TB
Text Book University TB
thiabendazole British Medicine TB
Time Duration of Burn Space Science TB
Term Benefit Business TB
Through the Bagelhole Organization TB
Total body Physiology TB
Top Boost Space Science TB
Technical Body (ETSI) Computer and Networking TB
theobromine British Medicine TB
Tube Bodiz Funny TB

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