What is the full form of TEM?

TEM Full Form is Technical Exchange Meeting

Full Form Category Term
Technical Exchange Meeting Military TEM
Transverse Electromagnetic Electronics TEM
Temora Airport Code TEM
Transverse Electro Magnetic Physics TEM
transverse electromagnet Government TEM
Toluene Extractable Matter Chemistry TEM
Telecoms Expense Management Telecommunication TEM
Technology for Emerging Markets Technology TEM
transmission electron micrograph Other TEM
Test For English Majors University TEM
Total Energy Management US Government TEM
Tunneling Electron Microscopy Physics TEM
transportability engineering management Government TEM
Telecommunications Expense Management Telecommunication TEM
Transmission Electron Microscope Ocean Science TEM
Transverse Electromagnetic Mode Electronics TEM
TE Management Meeting Computer and Networking TEM
Terrain Evaluation Module Military TEM
Transverse Electric Magnetic Electronics TEM
Traumatic Event Management Military and Defence TEM
transmission electron microscopy Physics TEM
Timne Regional 3 Letter LanguageCode TEM
Transparent Electron Microscope Physics TEM
Telefonica Moviles, S. A. NYSE Symbol TEM
Tried Everything, Man Internet Slang TEM
Telecom Expense Management Telecom TEM
Temora, New South Wales, Australia Regional Airport Code TEM
Input template (IconAuthor) File Extension TEM
Turbo Editor Macro Language script File Extension TEM
Trans European Motorway Transportation TEM
Team Elasto Maniacs Sports TEM
Avrupa Transit Kara Yolu Turkish TEM

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