What is the full form of TGIF?

TGIF Full Form is Trinity Girls In Fellowship

Full Form Category Term
Trinity Girls In Fellowship Religious TGIF
This Grandpa Is Fantastic Education TGIF
To Guys I'm Fabulous Funny TGIF
Tits Go In Front Funny TGIF
That Gopher Is Freaky Funny TGIF
Thank God Its Fun Funny TGIF
This Goes In Front Clothes TGIF
Teens Growing In Faith Religious TGIF
To Gather In Friendship Religious TGIF
This Game Is Futile Sports TGIF
The Greater Indianapolis Fourth of July Bowling Tournament Sports TGIF
Today God Is First Religious TGIF
Thinking Good Ideas Friday Business TGIF
Thank God It's Fontday Funny TGIF
Time Goes Increasingly Fast Funny TGIF
Thank God It's February Funny TGIF
transportable ground intercept facility Government TGIF
Teen Girls In Faith Religious TGIF
Thank Goodness It's Friday Day's Abbreviation TGIF
Thank God It's Finished Business TGIF
That Ghandi Is Funny Funny TGIF
Thank Goodness It's Funny Funny TGIF
There Go I Fearfully Transportation TGIF
Thank Goodness It's Fun Funny TGIF
Thank God It's Friday Internet Slang TGIF
tactical ground intercept facility Government TGIF
Thank God It's Flippant Funny TGIF
Toes Go In First Sports TGIF
Thank God I'm Female Funny TGIF
Thank Goodness Its Festival Community TGIF
This Group Is Freaky Internet Slang TGIF
The Graduate International Fellowship University TGIF
Thank Goodness, Its Friday! Internet Slang TGIF
Transportable Ground Interface Facility Military TGIF
Time to Get Information Fast Military TGIF
The Gathering of International Friends Religious TGIF
Thank God I'm Filipino Funny TGIF
This Group Is Fun Education TGIF
Tortellini's Good, Italian Favorite Funny TGIF
Thank God I Freefall Sports TGIF

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