What is the full form of TO?

TO Full Form is Table of Organization

Full Form Category Term
Table of Organization Military TO
Tactical Operations Police TO
Tactical Ops Computer Software TO
Training Officer Messaging TO
Takeoff NASA TO
Totally Obligated Accounting TO
the IETF Working Group iptel (IP Telephony) Computer and Networking to
The Optimists Organization TO
travel order Government TO
Transportaton Officer Military and Defence TO
Technical Order Military TO
Tribeca Organization Organization TO
Operations Management (ksc Directorate) Space Science TO
Tech Ops SEVCON, Inc. AMEX Symbol TO
Operations Management (ts) Space Science TO
Tahirzawi. Ong Organization TO
Telecommunications Outlet Computer and Networking TO
transistor outline Government TO
TTIRUVALANGADU Indian Railway Station TO
training objective, 9 Government TO
task order Government TO
Texas Oncology Medical TO
Terrell Owens Popular TO
Tonga Countries TO
Total Outburst Meteorology TO
Tsungirirai Organisation Organization TO
Torino (Province) Italian TO
Transistor Outline package Electronics TO
Totally Obtuse Internet Slang TO
Toronto Canadian TO
Transportation Officer Transportation TO
training observation Government TO
TransOptions Organization TO
transportation officer, Government TO
Theater of Operations Military TO
Toronto, Ontario Canada Province TO
take-off Government TO

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