What is the full form of TR?

TR Full Form is Tincture

Full Form Category Term
Tincture Physiology TR
Technical Requirement Military TR
Transmitter / Receiver Electronics TR
training requirement Government TR
Test Report Military TR
Table Row Computer Database TR
Tripura Indian State TR
training review Government TR
Technical Review Space Science TR
Technical Recommendation Military and Defence TR
Transmit Receive Reletype Military and Defence TR
Turkish Regional 2 Letter LanguageCode TR
Transportation Research Transportation TR
tamper resistant Other TR
Test Request Space Science TR
training report Government TR
time-delay relay Government TR
Team Rocket Sports TR
Tungavalu Region Organization TR
Technical Requirements (TIA committee) Computer and Networking TR
Totally Rejected Internet Slang TR
Technical Report Military TR
Turn Red Transportation TR
transmit-receive Government TR
Training Routine Military and Defence TR
Trauma Physiology TR
translation Government TR
Texas Rig Other TR
Transmit Ready Computer and Networking TR
Total Reserves Military and Defence TR
Telstra Research Business Firm TR
Trust Banking Tr.
Tabula Rasa Organization TR
Technical Release Accounts and Finance TR
Trial Record Law TR
Thrust Reverser Space Science TR
Top Rank Other TR
Turkey Countries TR
theater reserve Government TR
Tracor Government Supplier TR
Trust Receipt Accounts and Finance TR
Teddy Roosevelt Popular TR
transmitter/receiver Government TR
Team Read Organization TR
terminal ready Government TR
Total Revenue Accounting TR
test request, 21 Government TR
translate Misc TR
Trace Physiology TR
transient response Government TR
transportation request, Government TR
Turbo Debugger for Dos Session-state Settings File File Type TR
Tactical Reconnaissance Military TR
transportability report Government TR
Unformatted Manual Page (roff/nroff/troff/groff) File Type TR
Time To Retrofire Space Science TR
Taste Receptor Physiology TR
Takers Or Receivers Sports TR
Temporal Reference Computer and Networking TR
Target Rifle Military TR
actical reconnaissance Government TR
TARU Indian Railway Station TR
Transportation Request Space Science TR
That's Right SMS TR
Text Revision Media TR
Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. NASDAQ Symbol TR
tracking radar Government TR
Transit and Refers Military and Defence TR
Token Ring Other TR
Tax Rate US Government TR
transaction register Government TR
Telecommunications Room Computer and Networking TR
Comite de solidarite Tiers-monde Organization TR
TRADOC regulation Government TR
Transmitter Receiver Electronics TR
Trouble Report Military TR
Technical Reference University TR
Time Reactor Physics Related TR
Tape Recorder NASA TR

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