What is the full form of UCS?

UCS Full Form is Units Of Crack Susceptibility

Full Form Category Term
Units Of Crack Susceptibility Unit of Measurement UCS
Unit Coordinate System Unit of Measurement UCS
University Computing Services University UCS
Universal Classification Standard International Business UCS
Universal Component System Electronics UCS
United Container Systems Messaging UCS
Unified Control System Space Science UCS
Unconscious Physiology UCS
User Coordinate System Mathematics UCS
Utilities Control System Space Science UCS
Unified Communications Service Telecommunication UCS
Unicode Character Set Computing UCS
Uniform Coding System Space Science UCS
Universal Canopy System Transportation UCS
Universal Card Service Banking UCS
Unidentified Carlos Sightings Funny UCS
Unified Communication Service Telecommunication UCS
Unicode Coding Scheme Computing UCS
Union of Concerned Scientists Organization UCS
Universal Multiple-octet Coded Character Set Military and Defence UCS
Universal Control System Space Science UCS
Ultimate Collector Series Sports UCS
Untried Cat Schlep Texting UCS
Unconditioned stimulus Physiology UCS
Universal Classification Standard Database File File Extension UCS
Universal Character Set Computing UCS
unicode conversion support Government UCS
Uniform Communication Standard Computer Networking UCS
universal multiple octet coded character set Government UCS

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