What is the full form of UD?

UD Full Form is Unit Defense

Full Form Category Term
Unit Defense Military UD
Urban Dove Organization UD
Unexplained Difference Accounts and Finance UD
Untitled Document US Government UD
Urban District Community UD
Utility Dog Pertaining to Dogs UD
Universal Domain Internet UD
Urethral Discharge Physiology UD
United Devices Business Firm UD
Uni-directional Electronics UD
Uni Directional Electronics UD
Uniformly Distributed Mathematics UD
Under Developed Physiology UD
Universal Dynamics Organization UD
Under Duress Law UD
User Defined Computing UD
University of Detroit University UD
UnionDocs Organization UD
Unit Descriptor Military UD
Unlawful Detainer Law UD
User Data Computing UD
Ulnar deviation Physiology UD
Ultra Digitizer Electronics UD
Upper Deck Sports UD
Update Space Science UD
Ultimate Destiny Religious UD
Up Down Electronics UD
Unión Democrática Spanish UD
Usually Do SMS UD
Update Data Computer Assembly UD
UDUPI Indian Railway Station UD
Up/down Electronics UD

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