What is the full form of UF?

UF Full Form is Unfurnished

Full Form Category Term
Unfurnished Real Estate UF
Ultra Fly Transportation UF
Ujala Foundation Organization UF
Universitaets-Frauenklinik Medical UF
United for Families Organization UF
Ultra- Filtration Electronics UF
Ultrahigh Frequency (indication on TV set) Electronics UF
Ultimate Force Military UF
University Fund Accounts and Finance UF
Undulation Factor Transportation UF
Unidad De Fomento Spanish UF
Used For US Government UF
unavailability factor, 3 Government UF
Use For Business UF
University of Fondwa Organization UF
ultrasonic frequency Government UF
Head of investigation (Untersuchungsf├╝hrer) Nazi Regime UF
Microfarad Electronics ┬ÁF
University of Florida University UF
United by Friendship Organization UF
Us Foundation Organization UF
Umeed Foundation Organization UF
User Friendly Computing UF
Underground Feeder Business Product UF
Usable Feeder Hardware UF
Undocumented Features US Government UF
Utter Failure University UF

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