What is the full form of ZIP?

ZIP Full Form is Zone Indication Protocol

Full Form Category Term
Zone Indication Protocol US Government ZIP
Zeal, Intensity, Perseverance Business Position ZIP
Zinc, Iron, And Protein Food ZIP
Zone Improvement Project Environmental ZIP
Compressed file archive (InfoZIP - PKZip - WinZip) File Extension ZIP
Zone Information Protocol Computing ZIP
Back4Win Backup Archive File Extension ZIP
Zope Internationalization Project United Nations ZIP
Zesty Iron Potatoes Food ZIP
Zacchaeus Internet Promotions Business Firm ZIP
Zero Intelligence Plus Funny ZIP
zigzag in-line package Government ZIP
Zanox Intelligent Provision Hardware ZIP
Zone Improvement Plan US Government ZIP
Compressed File Archive ( Infozip - Pkzip - Winzip) File Type ZIP
Zigzag Inline Package Electronics ZIP
Zinns Infernal Pile Science Fiction ZIP
Zero Injection Pressure Geology ZIP
Zurich Information Processing Business Firm ZIP

What is ZIP?

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